Job Security Truth


 Job Security Truth 

The truth must be said…This is my opinion and experience about job security.

I remember after working for Corporate America as an executive for nine years
I got laid off which wasn’t a nice experience for me and my family.   I witnessed other
executives who worked for the company at a higher position for many years also
got laid off.

Some people may not be happy with their job due to fear about starting all over they tend to think that they have job security after they worked for so many years.


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Sometimes getting laid off could be the best thing to happen to you.

Now you’ll have more time to explore your career options.

We must not depend on one job, don’t matter how long you work for a company.
Why not backup yourself by doing something on the side to help and protect
you from any of these problems.

Are you creative?  If you are you could apply your creative ideas as a side job.  You could do arts & crafts, jewelry, accessories, artwork and sell them at flea markets, give home parties and ask your friends and family if they could give you a party and you’ll give them free gifts or you could pay them a percentage of what you made.

Here are some facts about jobs layoffs:

There are at least 35 companies in the Standard & Poor’s, including computer chipmakers Intel (INTC) and Texas Instruments (TXN), tech giant Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and retailer Target (TGT), that have this year announced layoffs, job cuts or plant closures expected to affect workers, according to a USA TODAY analysis of data from S&P Capital IQ, which draws upon multiple sources including local newspapers and company press releases. It’s not necessarily an exhaustive list, but it gives investors an idea of job reductions at big companies and where they’re coming from (source: USA Today)

I’m going to tell you how to have security in your life and in your income. 

Three Steps Better Than Job Security


job lay off 300x197 Job Security Truth


  1. Create more than one stream of income.
  2. Adaptability…Learn to adapt and you can conquer any scenario.
    I do not tell people I know to leave their job and start a full time home business, or internet marketing business but I do tell them to create more than one stream of income.
  3. Get in alignment with an investment vehicle that will create tax reduced or tax free income. (source: RH)

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 Have you ever experienced being laid off as I did…A big surprise in your job security?  Did you adapt or are you still working on it?

Please feel free to comment below if these tips were helpful to you and share with anyone who might benefit from this.

Mindset Motivational Books Recommended:

>The Secret Code of Success – Noah St. John
>Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T Harv Eker
>Free Gift!  Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill–  Download the eBook here ….


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I Want These Cats To Stop Pooping In My Stone Planters?




The first time I noticed cat pooping in my stone planters was when my daughter told me. “ Mommy there is poop in your planter.” I couldn't believe what I saw... This particular planter is close to the door entrance and once you walk up the stairs you'll smell the cat poop.


Getting rid of cat poop could be very annoying. I go through this every Spring/Summer.


I asked my neighbors if they have the same problem and they told me yes...


I really thought I was the only one with this problem.


One neighbor told me to sprinkle cayenne pepper in and around the planters which would scare the cats away. I tried that and the cats still poop in my planters, sometimes cover the poop with the dirt.


I threw out the new soil used to plant flowers, and left the planter empty with cardboard at the bottom. Now I'm not seeing any poop in the planter.


I plan to get more plants and put them inside of the planters without taking them out of the original pot where the cat love to poop. (This planter looks like a litter box to the cats...the oblong shape with stone design around the pot attracts the cats)


Here Are Some Google Tips To Try:







1. Try white vinegar spray around your pot, it also neutralizes the smell of the cat urine used to mark their territory.

2. Place pieces of aluminum foil around the pots.

3. Cats don't like lemon or lime. Try placing squeezed pieces of citrus on the soil.

4. Try mot balls or pecan mulch.

5. Try decorative pebbles. The cats like the dirt to cover up their mess and won't like the rocks.

Flat small stones will help.

6. Put wood skewers throughout the pots, sticking up about an inch. It shouldn't hurt the cats because they wouldn't want to step into it.

7. Stick a bunch of plastic forks around the edges of your pots, put the pointy sides up.



Here Is Another Tip...If You Don't Mind Spending Money:

Cat Stop Repellent Works to:

* Keep cats out of your yard.

* Keep cats off your car.

* Keep cats out of your gardens.

* Stop cats from using your kids playground as a litter box.

* Keep cats away from any area that you don't want them

* Not recommended for use indoors - Use a Scat Mat instead

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Don't Stop...Don't Give Up!


Don't Stop...Don't Give Up!

This little girl is so adorable...She already knows how to stay motivated. 

Can you imagine what she'll be like when she grows up.

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